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Sunset Hills Elementary School

Artist Linda Meigs Visits Sunset Hills

Mrs. Meigs taught our students how to draw their very own Nebraska landscape with pastels, a chalk-like crayon well suited for sketching. This visit followed a field trip all students took in late September, where they visited two unique places in Nebraska’s history: the Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters and the Florence Mill, which includes the Winter Quarters Mill Museum and ArtLoft Gallery. The Florence Mill, once the Winter Quarters gristmill, was abandoned in 1848. Mrs. Meigs helped save the landmark and turned it into a historical museum and art gallery. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from the University of Kansas and is known in Omaha’s cultural community for her preservation skills and artistic talents. An extra special twist was that Mrs. Meigs was a former Sunset Hills student! Thank you to the ArtPALS committee for providing this wonderful visiting artist opportunity.

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